EU Qualifier for February Plausible Cup
February 10th 2019

Signups are now closed and we are over capacity. If you have signed up please ensure you are ready in the Plausible discord 15 minutes before the tournament starts.

# Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Sub Region
1 One Step Ahead osa_Benny osa_JackMayte osa_Kenith osa_TMG
2 For The Boys AbsterDam shakir99 Sneaa PoWeeZy DATBOIMOOSE
3 Lunar Gaming Hondly Thorjk thirstyaf Dogmier ivman
4 FuSileroS BastarDok Cottonmouthss Blastronaut EXTAZYY-
5 AimStars PUBG UNCAG3D Walhbolts BogdanilaHasRo nosco0pe Narco2004
6 Havok n Kaos TwitchTV_EyeZon1 JesusEu Julleboba Trax1989 MALAKA_MALAKA
7 Team RevolutioN RevoGG_Zoomar rhonix RevoGG_TCM foureyedhuman
8 TBD Ranx_Twitchtv Applezoom Cookie3g direx_prophet
9 Hindsight ITsTeeeej btm1337 PartyBeetle YABUSELE-
10 Empire CampbellKazi Davealena Emperorscorpion Deevz ScieraXera
11 OldSchoolCool Iapethus wyatt_bose firecracko Zeb35
12 NaCl SSfrags JRhead M0onSH1Ne DEATH-WISH-UF02
13 Primal Prml_Jogez Prml_NooaVee ProPelaaja Prml_Jolppe
14 Rage Gaming Vibez87 imcheatinglol USMC_Shockey Mateka100100
15 SAF iCleverZ aloneroot Anyxii vet0- ootchi
16 PointOne Ronniekray Donsal Souzarini cARTISEEE-


The tournament will be held on Sunday 10th February 2019
5:00 PM GMT (Convert to your own time zone using google)

All teams have been given a team number, you should be in the appropriate squad discord room and correct team number in the PUBG lobby.