Plausible Community Cup 6 - Finals Signups

Signups are now closed and we are over capacity. If you have signed up please ensure you are ready in the Plausible discord 15 minutes before the tournament starts.

# Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Sub Region
1 Hindsight ITsTeeeej btm1337 PartyBeetle YABUSELE-
2 Lacuna Dabl0 Ace12 suoicilatsgnag jimjam88 Jafar
3 Logic Squad oldless tuomas baznik topuntik refray
4 MRKM Academy Blitz moonkez thats_original THECLUSTERFUNK
5 MRKM Scrappy94 Bosworthless Intothefury Techkill
6 Pew Pew Lazers RiggestBetard BG_f80 ttv_dangy0 Knar Hismuth
7 Rectify ESports Rect_DomLaBomb Rect_SammySlaps Rect_Jackson41 TwitchTvSnamuh GnoleTV
8 Team VGA SuburbanJ_TTV Plouis VVickedshotz FireFighta
9 In2Deep Ha7riD_TV Its-Omega 001-DOC Muscularmidgettv slight savage
10 Crippled Dimension SwepsSs KN11 Phn7m twitch_ZzaycevV
11 Destructi0n v1ktor_ Homelesz0 Looperw0w KAIOOOOOO
12 Grim Ravens Ravens_Rulez Ravens_ezmegaz Ravens_Prorix Ravens_unkwnmmry
13 Orion FellerBtw 4EARTH- Gizmak Sequence- TBA
14 NaCl JRhead M0onSH1Ne SSfrags TBC TBC
15 RIFT Esports regga BBSz_ gajd1e Szab1s
16 Emoji Movie 69emojis 2 3 4
17 Tortillas Tortilla_Chipx Do_WorrkTV Ranx_TwitchTV kingdastan


The tournament will be held on
Saturday 30th March
7:00 PM GMT

All teams have been given a team number, you should be in the appropriate squad discord room and correct team number in the PUBG lobby.