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Plausible Community Cup 29 - €100 Prize Pool

Plausible Community Cup 29 - €100 Prize Pool

Signups are now closed and we are over capacity. If you have signed up please ensure you are ready in the Plausible discord 15 minutes before the tournament starts.

# Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Sub Region
1 DeathBearers SatanFPS- pandaboy1 Zatrixus- Death_Nesqu1k
2 Rush n Flush SexTon0 Grent- HG_tOk Heimz0r
3 Halcyon ffs__owen BennyP Blue_Oxygen BUNCEK Kaatmiester
4 SmallTown-Gamerss SamEsh_ BOT_RC Harry-0007 TalhaTHEbeasT Zack_knight
5 SPQR OConnell RDL_Dino kennyb0yy namwer Iulius
6 FAKKAUR MeeLLee Frasse Ilwez Sammorack
7 Icy Pungar (IP) Jengah ext0n JnCjr s1nic tussugummi
8 4 Acne Kids Zoomar DECKS #6706 RonnieKray #6435 btm #1042
9 Tilt Town savyge- FEAR_-eyezlow FEAR_-kbur lolstressTV
10 Aces Crew pepeJ4M Akdov370 CD_AXL72 othiss
11 FRÖNB bigboymm nikosrockhouseee jas_gripen vessey Rouhee
12 PBQH Potatoo bohica-_- Qu1ckyz- Habsjaar
13 I-ROBOTS GongXiulan11 M1gas DeLosianN- Twitch_AnifaS WannaBe13
14 PushNFlush CamperBanana PahkinaPussi Lozeh NG_Pekkeli
15 Gucci Gang (GG) Marimberku Inspi_Play FncChi burronegrito Lubrah
16 Nexus Gaming NXS_Killstill NXS_1440x1080 NXS_Rareszki NXS_Redzyy
Sub 1 VProdigy deLore- Salamaleukym m4ximumblack YESSlR kensshi-
Sub 2 EStars Lm_JizZz FearAngelito Bombasticgre Welp_tripp
Sub 3 Team Solo Frente Lagardragon Yolobarbas moyo400 NachosConQueso


The tournament will be held on
Sunday 11th October
18:00 PM GMT

All teams have been given a team number, you should be in the appropriate squad discord room and correct team number in the PUBG lobby.